That Was My Home

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Voices from the Noongar Camps in Fremantle and the Western Suburbs.

That Was My Home explores the hidden histories of the Noongar camps around Fremantle, Swanbourne and Shenton Park in the suburbs of Perth along the Swan River. The focus is the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, a time when many Noongar people lived with their families in camps.

The voices of Noongar people, juxtaposed with information from the archives, photographs and stories from others in the community, tell of life in the camps, work, cross-cultural tensions and friendships. Together they give a greater understanding of the shared histories of our suburbs.

The author followed Aboriginal cultural protocols in obtaining permission to include stories, photos and other information.

This book is unique in its combination of archival research and community consultation. It will appeal to those interested in Aboriginal history and culture, the history of Perth and surrounding areas, those interested in sociology and more.

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