The Nargun And The Stars



The Nargun And The Stars tells the story of a modern day, but recently orphaned, boy coming to live in a remote Australian valley where he searches for a place free from the depredation of mankind and its machinery. On his quest he discovers a variety of ancient Dreamtime creatures including the ominous stone Nargun.

The boy's adventure involves conflict with the Nargun, a stone creature that is indestructible. It kills humans, sometimes for food, but mostly out of rage at the unnatural noise of their destructive machinery.

The Nargun is a creature drawn from tribal legends of the Gunai or Kurnai Aboriginal people of the area now known as the Mitchell River National Park in Victoria.

While the Nargun is a threat to the boy's new-found home of Wongadilla, the humans threaten the peace the Nargun seeks. Can the humans win the conflict with the Nargun with the help of another mythical creature?

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