The Story of Yudum

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The Story of Yudum is set "long ago in the Dreamtime" and tells the story of Yudum whose birth mother died in labour, meaning the tribe had helped his father to raise him.

One day Yudum learns that his father will not be returning from the bush, as he has died in a distant country of another tribe.

The news sends Yudum into a deep depression, and he withdraws from tribal life, lost in grief and loneliness until a female Elder urges him to talk to somebody about how he is feeling. This sends Yudum on a quest to seek out the Yura Ungi or doctor man.

The Story of Yudum was inspired by a very high suicide rate and conceived as a medium best suited to educate Aboriginal people about this topic--storytelling.

The Story of Yudum "shows how we did things, even the diagnosis process for someone suffering from depression, loss and grief, and how to heal that," explains Aaron.

The book is available for $15 from Centacare in Port Pirie. Call (08) 8644 2020.

The story is the base for Yudum, a feature film.

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