Triumph Of The Nomads



Triumph of the Nomads is Geoffrey Blainey's thirteenth book and is a startling reassessment of Aboriginal people in early Australia.

Rather than being prisoners in a hostile continent, Aboriginal people were a successful race - triumphant in their discovery of the land, triumphant in their adaptation to it, and in their mastery of its contrasting climates, seasons and resources.

Co-winner of the Barbara Ramsden Aware for Literature in 1976, 'Triumph of the Nomads' presents a case for Aboriginal people that the traditionally minded will find startling.

Although out of print now, this book is highly valued by readers. Blainey I know is a well regarded Professor if Economic History.

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Harvard citation

Korff, J 2019, Triumph Of The Nomads, <>, retrieved 24 October 2019

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