Us Women, Our Ways, Our World



An exemplar of Indigenous Studies writing, epistemologically, theoretically and methodologically

Us Women, Our Ways, Our world is a collection of writings on women and Aboriginal identity from 14 senior Aboriginal academics and community leaders.

The collection engages with questions such as:

  • What makes Aboriginal women strong?
  • Why are grandmothers so important (even ones never met)?
  • How is the connection to country different for Aboriginal people compared to non-Aboriginal people's love of nature or sense of belonging to an area?
  • What is Aboriginal spirituality?

These writings are generous, inclusive and considerate of the non-Aboriginal reader's feelings. They are hopeful for the future, with an emphasis on acknowledging, joining with, collaborating and caring.

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Harvard citation

Korff, J 2018, Us Women, Our Ways, Our World, <>, retrieved 25 April 2019

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