The Mascots of Hope

A poem by Zelda Quakawoot, Mackay, Queensland.

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As the Storm gathers
Sea Eagles take flight
Following the beacons
Of the shimmering Knights

Down in the gorge
Like ink on the page
The Broncos are bucking
Expressing some rage

The Tigers are creeping
With stealth across rocks
All keeping their eyes
On Sea Eagle flocks

A beautiful lake
Is where they arrive
The haka is heard
From Warrior tribes

The moonlight splashes
On the waters calm face
As others appear
To take up their place

The Cowboys are here
They've had a long ride
While Bulldogs in numbers
Howl at the sky

The Panthers like midnight
On velvet paws
Parade near the edge
Of the silvery shore

Accompanied by Raiders
Wearing helmets with horns
Not a mascot in sight 
Is weathered or worn

The waters now stir
The Sharks circle bolder
Their fins slice the surface
Like hot steel smoulder

And flashes of light
From deep in the lake
Signal the Eels 
Are now all awake

The tree edge moves softly
A white line frames the site
The Rabbits hop in
Like a ribbon in flight

The Roosters sit tall
On their perch in the tree
Ruffling their feathers
And plumage to see

The Titans alight
From darkening surrounds
They journeyed from Heaven
On the Storm’s lightning shroud

An finally the Dragons
From the fiery warm haze
Proud to join the Mascots
On this moonlit stage.

Now all are present
The lake has calmed down
The Mascots of Footy
Yield their sounds

These are the legends
The Mascots of Hope
They give us a flicker
When changing our scope

A gathering like this
Is a fantasy…
So dreams can come true
For me and for you!

Thank you, Zelda, for sending me your poem!

Zelda invites readers to paint the scene described in her poem.

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