What Becomes Of Us Now

A poem by Dan Davis, Queensland

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So what becomes of us now, since Mr Rudd has said sorry, 
Will our people be treated equal? That's my biggest worry.

Our children are still suffering, we still struggle from day to day.
We can't get funds to fix our homes, yet the mainstream find a way.

What becomes of us now, we're still fighting for our own native land.
White fella just don't get it, they don't seem to understand.

Australia, it's our birth right, this dirt is where we bleed.
Our ancestors walked and breathe on this earth, it's here they planted their seed.

So what's becoming of me now, I'm gonna stand up for my mob with pride,
No time to be intimidated, no time to run and hide.

I wanna make everyone hear my voice, make them turn around and see,
Just what's gonna become of this Kukuyalnjii Murri.

Dan dedicated this poem to his mother. Thank you Dan, for sending me your poems!

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