Indigenous Etchings—Black and Sexy



Indigenous Etchings—Black and Sexy presents some of the best contemporary writing and art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from around Australia.

Discover the story of Payback Records, an Indigenous hip hop label founded by Essendon footballer Nathan Lovett-Murray. Some stunning photography by Wayne Quilliam, National NAIDOC Artist of the Year 2009. An interview with Kim Kruger, Project Manager of the famous Michael Long Walk. And artist/photographer Bindi Cole with writer Jirra Lulla Harvey, giving an insight into the stories of the Sista Girls from the Tiwi Islands, including Bindi's photograph that won the 2009 Deadly Art Award.

Exceptional stories and poetry from Tony Birch, Ali Cobby Eckermann, John Harding, Dennis Fisher, Brenda Saunders, Nellie Green, Shirley Morgan, Katie Wyatt and many more. And if that is not enough, turn to the book and music reviews for some real gems there as well.

The writing is totally Indigenous and the production is as well. — Christopher Lappas, publisher and editor

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