Old Man's Story



'Right then,' he said with a sigh, and then turned to me with a grin. 'I tell you story, eh!' Then he said something which really floored me: 'I been waiting for you. You been waiting for me.'

And so began Bill Neidjie's relationship with English photographer, Mark Lang.

Known as 'Old Man' in this book, but often called 'Big Bill Neidjie' throughout his life because of his imposing height and strength, Bill Neidjie wanted to record aspects of his life for a younger generation of Gagadju, to help them look after their country and remember its stories - and for balanda, non-Aboriginal people.

Told in the old man's words, this beautifully nuanced, impressionistic account allows Neidjie to gently emphasise the issues of importance to him. Old Man's Story has a very personal inflection with Neidjie's words complemented by Lang's beautiful landscape photos.

Structured in the cycle of the seasons, Old Man's Story provides readers with insights into the annual trans-formation of landscape that are so integral to Neidjie's life story.

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