A poem by Nola Gregory

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I can hear the chanting
Of the language loud and clear
I can hear them singing
Without prejudice or fear
And the dust slowly rises
To the sound of stomping feet
It’s like a pulse inside me
I feel each and every beat
Proudly they are dancing
To an ancient age old song
Adorned with precious ochre
As they move and sing along
The old men sit cross legged
In the red pindan dust
Tapping sticks and boomerangs
Beating strong and robust
There is no explanation
For what I feel inside
As I stand there watching
I am full of Aboriginal pride
The freedom on their faces
Is a sight to behold
As they stamp their feet
You can hear the storylines unfold 
Their voices are so haunting
As you listen to them sing
Rising on the swirling winds
It’s the most powerful thing
I am mesmerised by the dancers
As they jump and twirl and grind
It’s something that has stuck with me
It’s emblazoned in my mind

Thank you Nola for sharing your poem!

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