Good Bye My Love

A poem by Landon Punch, Roebourne, WA

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That very first time that we met, I thought that I've met my match, I thought that this is it.

Walking towards me, as we locked eyes,
your messages and pictures weren't telling no lies. 
The way that you grabbed my hand, and pulled me in close, feeling your breath battling with mine,
as our lips finally touched, I believed that we honestly stopped time.
Our first emotional embrace, caught me off guard,
try as I may, I knew I was going to fall hard.

When you were holding my hands, your affections on public display,
made me feel a love that was never going to be felt like that ever again. 
I'd be walking, and doing a bit of window shopping, 
I'd glance at you and I'd catch you often... 
staring at me, with a smile that you could not hide, 
gave me a love, that could never be denied. 

A feeling of utter disbelief, that a woman as beautiful as you is in love with me. You made me feel on top of the world, just as powerful as superman, an invincibility that would forever stand so proud.

Feeling what we felt, knowing nothing between us could ever go wrong... Knowing that our love was going to be strong.
My feelings for you, I knew I could not deny.
A true love, that would never lie.
Then came the day when you became ill.
Every day, I'd tell you I'd forever love you still.
We went on our last, evening walk, along the beach,
watching as the sun and ocean would meet.
I laid back, with you in arms,
knowing I'd forever, never let you be harmed. 
I ran a finger, slowly across your face,
wishing I could forever, hold you in this embrace.
You turned your head, and whispered my name,
saying how much, you're in love with your man.
You kissed me slightly, as you softly squeezed my hands,
closing your eyes, as your hands gently hit the sand.
My heart beats faster, as tears starts to build in my eyes.
Thanking God that I met you, and that your heart was mine.
As I hold you, so very tight by the sea, 
wishing I could tell you one more time just how much you meant to me.

Landon dedicates his poem to all who have lost the love of their life.

Thank you Landon for sharing your words.

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