Welcome to Country – A Travel Guide to Indigenous Australia

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Tourism Australia statistics show that many overseas tourists, as well as Australians, are keen to learn more about Australia’s First Peoples. And while the Aboriginal tourism industry continues to grow, no comprehensive travel guide is currently available.

Marcia Langton’s Welcome to Country is a guidebook to Aboriginal Australia.

She answers questions such as what ‘country' means to Aboriginal people. A detailed introduction covers Aboriginal languages and customs, history, native title, art and dance, storytelling, and cultural awareness and etiquette for visitors.

This is followed by a directory of Aboriginal tourism experiences, organised into state and territory sections, with detailed notes, covering galleries and festivals, communities that are open to visitors, tours and performances.

This collection of Aboriginal travel experiences is for everyone travelling Australia who wants to gain an insight into the culture that has thrived here for more than 65,000 years, and enjoy tourism opportunities that will show you a different side of Australia — one that remains dynamic, and is filled with openness and diversity.

Also available as a Youth Edition.

A landmark book.

— Simon Marnie, ABC Radio Sydney

About the Author

Professor Marcia Langton is one of Australia's most important Aboriginal voices. She first became an Aboriginal rights activist at Queensland University in the 1970s, and since then has worked with the Central Land Council, the Cape York Land Council and for the 1989 Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody. Professor Langton is an academic working at Melbourne University. She has received many accolades, including an Order of Australia, and has authored several books.

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