Alan Dargin

Lake Evella region in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia
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Alan Dargin died on 24 February 2008 from a brain haemorrhage aged 40.

His final album, MRD, was issued posthumously.

I can make it talk, I can make it sing / Can make it do anything. / Didj, Didj, Didjeridu.

— Alan Dargin, 'Bloodwood Log'


Album formats explained

Album formats

  • 10": 10 inch vinyl records were played at 45 or 33 1/3 rounds per minute (rpm). The former could hold 9, the latter 12 minutes of music per side.
  • 7": 7 inch records (often referred to as 45s) were played at 45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm, with about 4:30 or 6 minutes of music per side.
  • LP: Long play, is a vinyl record played at ​33 1⁄3 rpm with a 12 or 10-inch diameter.
  • EP: Extended play, are vinyl records that allowed two or even three songs on each side.

Bloodwood - The Art Of The Didjeridu

24 June 1994
  1. Virtuoso Didj
  2. Storm Warning
  3. Gaia
  4. Going To Town
  5. Fantastic Plastic
  6. Bloodwood Log
  7. Hitchhiker's Nightmare
  8. Open Road
  9. Trinity
  10. Anthem

Alan Dargin with Michael Atherton.

Reconciliation - Two Stories in One

July 1994
  1. Reconciliation
  2. Polite Conversation
  3. Over The Road
  4. Bis
  5. Don't Wake 'Im
  6. Jalopy
  7. Sticks
  8. Michael Dwyers Tribute
  9. Kerry Polka
  10. Ponytail Reel
  11. Na Miola Mora
  12. Lilting Horns
  13. Heavy Load
  14. Jiggery Didj


19 July 1996
  1. Original traditional techno
  2. Bush walk
  3. Pedal to the metal
  4. Flooded river
  5. Didge talk
  6. Heading home
  7. Tracking
  8. Billabong camp
  9. Desert nights
  10. Outback highways
  11. Zoom
  12. Croc swamp

Alan Dargin with Gary Thomas.

The Sound Of Gondwana: 176,000 Years in the Making

1 January 1997
  1. The Call
  2. Crossings
  3. Forest Light
  4. Dance This Time Around
  5. The Emu & the Dog
  6. Dreamtime In the Meantime
  7. Mouthmusic
  8. Cave Drawings
  9. Mungari
  10. Hand Stencils
  11. Roo
  12. My People

Alan Dargin, David Hudson, Mark Atkins & Matthew Doyle.

Cross + Hatch: Didjeridu + Percussion

March 1998
  1. Virtuoso Didj
  2. Ketuk
  3. The Call
  4. Sunshower
  5. Afrodidj
  6. Forest Light
  7. Crossings
  8. Storm Warning
  9. Ginjunggang


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April 2008

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MRD features collaborations with legendary musicians such as Tommy Emmanuel, James Morrison, and many other virtuosos duetting with didgeridoo on instruments as varied as guitar, steel drums, keyboard, Chinese flute, trumpet, electric bass, and voice.

This is Alan Dargin's final album, issues posthumously.

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