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Garrangali Band

North-east Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia
Portrait of a singer of Garrangali Portrait of a singer of Garrangali.

Band members: Mundymudiny Dhamarrandji (Nicholas, vocals), Yiniwuy Marawili (Danny, traditional vocals), Wulkuwulku Marawili (Amos, backing vocals), Malngay Yunupingu (Kevin, yidaki & vacking vocals), Wurrandon Marawili (Ronald, vocals), Nambulili Marawili (Fabian, backing vocals), Rakuwarr Wanambi (Dion, drums), Wurrku Wanambi (Rico, bass guitar), Watjarrngambi Marawili (Nathan, rhythm guitar), Makungun Marika (Brendan, keyboards), Djulumarr Gurruwiwi (Darren, rhythm guitar)

Garrangali Band sings in English and Yolngu.

We are the the Garrangali, descendants of the crocodile. This is about the ancestral land, where the first Baru man walked the earth.—Garrangali Band

Website: http://www.garrangali.com


Garrangali (Crocodile Nest)

  1. Garrangali
  2. Mungurru (Blue Mud Bay)
  3. Tongues Of The Fire
  4. Sea Rights
  5. Mirri (string from the dawu tree)
  6. Djanytjunga (great sea hunter)
  7. Nambarra (leaf of the paperbark tree)
  8. IPA (Indigenous Protected Area)
  9. Muthi Muthi (soldier crab)
  10. Muthi Muthi (Dance Mix)

The CD album is complemented by a DVD that includes music videos of two featured songs, Mungurru and Muthi Muthi, shot on location.

The lyrics and Manikays [clan songs] of this album embrace the deep connection and relationship between the ancestral land and sea and the visions of the old people.—Warren Snowdon, Federal Member for Lingiari, Northern Territory

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