Aboriginal musician

Henry Seaman Dan

Thursday Island, Torres Strait, Australia
Blues, Folk, Jazz

Seaman Dan was 70 years old before he recorded his first music CD. At age 81 he had published five CDs.

His band members include Dr Karl Neuenfeldt who encouraged him to record his first CD.

I belong to the sea and that's why people call me Seaman.—Seaman Dan

[Before concerts I'm still nervous] but what I do is look to the audience and pick out the most attractive lady and I sing to her.—Seaman Dan [1]


Follow The Sun

  1. Follow the Sun
  2. Welcome to the Torres Strait
  3. Sunset Blues
  4. T.I. Blues
  5. Danville Seaman Dan
  6. Black Swana
  7. Isles of the Torres Strait
  8. Little Pony
  9. Island Lady
  10. Old T.I.
  11. Friday Night Blues
  12. Forty Fathoms
  13. Farewell to the Torres Strait

“Sometimes songs come to me in my dreams, like the song Island Lady,” Seaman Dan reveals [1]. “I was half asleep and woke up and saw the back of a lady sitting on the end of my bed. I went to touch her and put my hand right through her. I wrote the song thinking of her and it’s a nice song too.”

Steady Steady

  1. Somewhere There's an Island
  2. Mena Menali
  3. Ailan Kwiktaim
  4. Pearly Shells
  5. Steady Steady
  6. Barron Delta Blue
  7. Running Aground
  8. Return to Me
  9. A Song for Leilani
  10. Thank You for Saying Hello
  11. Gubaw Paruka (Sailing Into the Wind)
  12. Are You from T.I.?
  13. Torres Strait Hula

Perfect Pearl

  1. Feel Like Going Back Home
  2. Waiting for the Iceman
  3. Perfect Pearl
  4. Frangipani
  5. Red Shirt Day
  6. T.I. Taxi Driver
  7. Watching the Weather
  8. Veiga Veiga
  9. Ukelele Waltz
  10. Magic Carpet of Pearls
  11. Minna Murra Moon
  12. Islander Drums / Warraber

Island Way

  1. Kapa Roa'ia Se Laloga
  2. Let's Get To Where We Ain't
  3. Ailan Man
  4. Blues on a Ukulele
  5. Old Men and the Sea
  6. The Hawaiian Turnaround
  7. Rhythm of the Hula
  8. Jymeekah
  9. Thirsty Work
  10. Magic Island Moon
  11. Island Way

Somewhere There’s An Island: Best Of 1999-2006

  1. Somewhere There's An Island
  2. Ailan Kwimtaim
  3. Are You From T.I
  4. T.I Taxi Driver
  5. Perfect Pearl
  6. Red Shirt Day
  7. Running Aground
  8. Welcome To The Torres Strait
  9. Ailan Man
  10. Blues On A Ukelele
  11. Let's Go To Where We Ain't
  12. Follow The Sun
  13. Thirsty Work
  14. T.I Blues
  15. Islander Drums Warraberr

Sailing Home

  1. Sailing the Southeast Wind
  2. Lighthouse
  3. Mango Rain
  4. The Floria Sails Again
  5. Dock of the Bay
  6. Shimmering Blue
  7. Water
  8. Full Fathom Five
  9. Baba Waiar
  10. Mak Taim
  11. Saltwater Cowboy


  1. It's Only a Paper Moon
  2. Dream a Little Dream of Me
  3. Sunny Side of the Street
  4. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Write Myself a Letter
  5. Autumn Leaves
  6. Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?
  7. Makin' Whoopee
  8. Sweet Embraceable You
  9. Ain't Misbehavin'
  10. Stardust
  11. What a Wonderful World

Still On Deck

  1. Torres Strait Hula 2013
  2. TI Taxi Driver
  3. Steady Steady
  4. Little Pony
  5. Mango Rain
  6. Danville
  7. Watching the Weather
  8. Waiting For Ice Man
  9. Mak Taim
  10. Makin’ Whoopee
  11. 40 Fathoms 2013
  12. Baba Waiar (Featuring Cairns Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir)
  13. Ukulele Waltz
  14. Red Shirt Day
  15. Are You From TI?
  16. TI Blues 2013
  17. Sayonara Nakamura
  18. Old TI (Featuring Cairns Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir)
  19. Island Way/Kapa Roa’ia Se Laloga

A Caribbean Songbook

  1. Rivers of Babylon
  2. Brown Girl In the Ring
  3. Island In the Sun
  4. Tree Little Birds
  5. Rum and Coca Cola
  6. Yellow Bird
  7. Oppressor Man
  8. Sloop John B
  9. Maryanne
  10. Banana Boat Song
  11. Jamaica Farewell
  12. The Tide Is High
  13. I Can See Clearly Now
  14. Moonlight

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