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Luritja people, Alice Springs, Central Australia
Folk | Soul
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Jess Beck is from the area south-west of Alice Springs. She was a 2010 Deadly Award nominee for Most Promising New Talent in Music.

Beck’s heritage is irrevocably intertwined with the history of black and white relations over the last century. The great-granddaughter of an Irish station owner, Beck's grandmother was stolen from her family in Central Australia aged four and transported to Croker Island, north of Darwin. Beck's mother was then forcibly adopted out at birth. Beck discovered her family heritage at an early age when her mother and grandmother were reunited in the late 1980s.

Jess Beck continues to make music as the lead singer of Sydney indie/pop band Pirra.

We had this old hay-carting trailer, a big wooden trailer, and I used to get up on that and pretend that it was a stage and sing out into the paddock.

— Jess Beck


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Album formats

  • 10": 10 inch vinyl records were played at 45 or 33 1/3 rounds per minute (rpm). The former could hold 9, the latter 12 minutes of music per side.
  • 7": 7 inch records (often referred to as 45s) were played at 45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm, with about 4:30 or 6 minutes of music per side.
  • LP: Long play, is a vinyl record played at ​33 1⁄3 rpm with a 12 or 10-inch diameter.
  • EP: Extended play, are vinyl records that allowed two or even three songs on each side.

Hometown Dress

14 February 2012
  1. Blissing
  2. The Lighthouse Song
  3. Memoirs Of A Thing
  4. Hometown Dress
  5. Running Around

This is Jess Beck's EP album.

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