Lou Bennett

Echuca, Victoria
Country | Folk

Lou Bennett is a Yorta Yorta/Dja Dja Wurrung woman.

Bennett started her musical career with her uncle's band The Shades. She later joined Richard Frankland's band Djaambi. She was part of the award-winning band Tiddas. After Tiddas disbanded in 2000 Bennett has performed with a new band called Sweet Cheeks.


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Imagine Being You

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  1. Imagine Being You
  2. I'm Holdin' On

This is Lou Bennett's debut solo EP album.

Time Out

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Debut album of her band with her band Mama Lou’s Sweet Cheeks.

Hold My Hand?

17 July 2008
  1. Pushin'
  2. Crashin' Down
  3. Hold My Hand?
  4. Don't Sleep
  5. One True Place
  6. Still Goes On
  7. Fil Me
  8. Wavin' Goodbye
  9. Heartbroken Song
  10. Saddle Up
  11. We're Different

Hold My Hand? is the debut album of the group Lou Bennett and The Sweet Cheeks.

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