The name Oetha is an acronym meaning Our Earth The Heart Acknowledges.

The band members are Lady Lash (also known as Crystal Mercy), Dizzy D Doolan and Miss Hood.


Album formats explained Explain formats

  • 10": 10 inch vinyl records were played at 45 or 33 1/3 rounds per minute (rpm). The former could hold 9, the latter 12 minutes of music per side.
  • 7": 7 inch records (often referred to as 45s) were played at 45 rpm or 33 1/3 rpm, with about 4:30 or 6 minutes of music per side.
  • LP: Long play, is a vinyl record played at ​33 1⁄3 rpm with a 12 or 10-inch diameter.
  • EP: Extended play, are vinyl records that allowed two or even three songs on each side.

Sista Girl

5 July 2018
  1. Sista Girl

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