Patrick Mau (Mau Power)

Thursday Island, Torres Straits
Hip Hop & Rap

Patrick Mau is also known as Mau Power. His band's name is One Blood.

He recorded his first song in Brisbane when he was 17 while attending the University of Southern Queensland.



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Island Home (EP)

21 March 2014
  1. Island Home
  2. Transitions of Life (feat. Shirley Davis)
  3. Sinners Saint
  4. Flight Mode

Track List (Single)

16 June 2014
  1. Track List (feat. Mike Justice)

The Show Will Go On

25 July 2014
  1. Intro
  2. Let the Horns Blow (feat. B.Two)
  3. Feel Good Music (feat. Rik E Raga)
  4. The Show Will Go On (Interlude)
  5. The Show Will Go On
  6. Island Home
  7. For the People (feat. Radical Son)
  8. Transitions of Life (feat. Shirley Davis)
  9. Streets Anthem
  10. Track List (feat. Mike Justice)
  11. The Come Up (feat. Shirley Davis)
  12. Freedom (feat. Archie Roach)
  13. Good Vibrations (feat. Fortafy)
  14. Sweet Family (feat. Radical Son)
  15. Mau Power
  16. Sing Strong (feat. King Kadu)


Sorry, no image for: Patrick Mau (Mau Power) - Freedom
3 October 2014
  1. Freedom

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