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  1. The government pays more than $20m to obtain the copyright to the Aboriginal flag and terminate commercial licenses owned by companies which had limited the reproduction of the symbol. Now all Australians can freely display and use the flag.

    The agreement also includes a payment to the designer of the flag, Harold Thomas, to secure the copyright, the establishment of an annual scholarship in Thomas’s name for First Nations students, and the commonwealth donating royalties from sales of the Aboriginal flag to the NAIDOC Committee.

  2. A headshot of Warwick Thornton with film reels in the background.
    Warwick is one of only a handful of Australian directors to win a Caméra d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. He earned the award for his 2009 film Samson & Delilah.

    Australia Post's issue of Australian Legends of Filmmaking includes one stamp featuring Kaytetye man Warwick Thornton from Alice Springs. His many films include shorts, documentaries and features and highlight First Nations topics, perspectives and experiences. Thornton is best known for feature films Samson & Delilah (2009) and Sweet Country (2017).

  3. A photo of Lance just about to kick a goal.
    The stamp was issued as a pack of 12 in a booklet that listed Franklin's achievements.

    Australia Post joins the celebration of Lance Franklin's 1,000 goals with a special stamp.

  4. In its Aboriginal Fibre Art issue, Australia Post features contemporary fibre art by Yolŋu women of the small inland community of Gapuwiyak (Lake Evella) in north-east Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Made from plant fibres such as pandanus and coloured with natural bush dyes, these objects also have profound cultural, ceremonial and symbolic significance. The stamps show a coiled basket (Lucy Malirrimurruwuy Wanapuyngu, b. 1955), a twined conical container (Mary Djupuduwuy Guyula, 1945–2005) and a coiled, flat-bottomed basket (Nancy Walinyinawuy Guyula, 1940–2017).

    A set of three stamps showing a woven baby basket, a tall cone-shaped basket and a basket with a handle.
    Three stamps show woven baskets and containers, called bathi. Artists skilfully twine, coil or loop plant fibres that they coloured with natural bush dyes.
  5. At the 2022 Australian Performing Rights Association awards, 18-year-old Charlton Howard (The Kid Laroi) becomes the youngest ever winner of APRA's Song of the Year award with his hit Stay. He also won Songwriter of the Year and Most-performed Hip Hop/Rap Work for Without You.

  6. A set of three stamps highlights First Nations peoples' Bush Seasonings. Plants made up about half of a traditional diet, and many native species also played an important roles as medicines, fibre and construction materials, and in ceremonies. The stamps feature Mountain Pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata), River Mint (Mentha australis) and Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora).

    Stamps showing the herbs as plants and after processing.
    Note the different containers for the collected herbs: Wooden bowl, woven bowl and grinding stone.

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