Aussie Bush Tales Series


Aussie Bush Tales is series of stories about three Aboriginal boys and their cousin, Jedda, who live traditionally with the elder, Moort and his wife, Marlee. Through their adventures, they learn about bush lore and about finding food.

Meeka is the oldest of the brothers and (sometimes a little too enthusiastically) always tries to take care of others. Jedda takes along her woven basket for gathering bush tucker and is always followed by her curious, white Dingo puppy, Snowy.

Boya would much rather take the animals they find home as pets, than eat them for dinner. Jarra carries his spear and boomerang along and starts out very bravely. Often though, he is the first one to hide or run home should things start looking dangerous.

Season 1

Episode 1 - Three Didgeridoos

The Aboriginal boys went out hunting goanna. They saw one run up a tree while waited for it to come down as they looked around they found some eucalyptus branch’s and decided to make three didgeridoos that would have the most beautiful acoustic sounds in the land.

Episode 2 - Hot Emu Soup

While hunting for a kangaroo the Aboriginal boys were followed by a friendly emu that had just walked through a smelly prickle bush. Then they decided to give it a bath but when the Elder Moort came along with the mob he thought they were cooking hot emu soup.

Episode 3 - Go Bungarra Go

The Elder Moort was getting hungry for some Bungarra to eat, he sent the three Aboriginal boys to catch one. They were fooled by the old Bungarra and found a camel that was stuck in a rabbit warren. The boys rode the four humped camel back to the camp.

Episode 4 - Waa Whoo! A White Dingo

The Aboriginal children came across a honey ant’s nest while they were digging for yams, they ate the ants and honey nectar it went all over their faces. A white puppy dingo followed them only to lick the nectar off their lips. They went back to camp to tell Elder Moort who did not believe them.

Episode 5 - Boya's Pet Mud Crab

The day the Aboriginal children went down to the river to catch some mud crabs for dinner. Boya manages to rescue a Joey kangaroo and makes a new friend. All their hard work is wasted as the mud crabs all got away except for one little red crab that Boya wants to keep as a pet.

Episode 6 - Desert Billy Goats

Elder Moort wanted goats milk to drink, he sent the Aboriginal boys into the gorges looking for a herd of goats. The boys brought back a billy goat. Elder Moort took one look at the billy goat and yelled out to the boys. “This is not a milking goat!” then the nanny goats walked into the camp.

Episode 7 - Run Echidna Run

The Aboriginal children walked amongst the termite mounds, they noticed ants all over the ground, they were thinking of catching an echidna for a stew. During their attempts they heard a strange voice coming from the billabong, it was a monster that made them all promise never to eat echidna stew.

Episode 8 - Ouch My Golden Toe

One fresh misty morning a young Aboriginal boy went running through the bush, he kicked his big toe on a rock hopping around on one foot he put his throbbing toe into the river. He gave the rock to his cousin Jedda to put into her basket later they realised it was gold.

Season 2

Episode 1 - Boiled Emu Eggs

Moort the Elder was hungry for some boiled emu eggs he sent the children out to find some. The children came back to camp empty handed. Moort went out into the bush to show them how to find the eggs. He arrived too late as the eggs had hatched twelve chic were running around the bush.

Episode 2 - Billabong Ripple

Aboriginal children go swimming in the billabong not realising a crocodile is lurking in the water it chases after Jarra and a turtle he grabs hold of a tree branch pulling himself up then realising the turtle was sitting next to him. They hear the sound of a female crocodiles mating call.

Episode 3 - Turtles Nest

Aboriginal children decide to walk to the coast to enjoy some seafood. Walking for days they see the sandy beaches and ocean for the first time. They discover a turtle nest and stay to help the baby turtles get to the ocean without being eaten by the predators.

Episode 4 - The Scary Swine

Elder Moort was sleeping in his Humpy when he hears a noise over behind a bush he sends out the Aboriginal children to find what is making the noise. The children go looking and find a cave they are chased by a black boar with an angry sow following with six happy playful piglets.

Episode 5 - Flight of an Eagle

Elder Moort spots an eagle flying over the camp, and decides he would like it for a pet. Moort calls the children and asks them to catch it for him. Later Moort is startled to see Boya in the sky holding onto a rope. The eagle opens his talons and drops Boya to the dusty ground.

Episode 6 - Billabong Baolooo

The children go down to the Paperbark Billabong hoping to see the strange creature which the Elder Moort tells them lives in the water. Moort describes the noise made by the creature as “Baoloo-oo”. Although very scared, the children investigate. They discover a big friendly buffalo who loves licking Meeka on the face.

Episode 7 - Myth of the Bunyip

The children have never heard of a Bunyip. They are told by Elder Moort if they go near the ghostly bush they may see one. The children follow Moort’s advice and stay in a cave overnight. The fire casts eerie shadows onto the cave wall. The children see something that scares the living daylights out of them and only find out later that it is just a myth.

Episode 8 - Crocodile in a Swamp

Elder Moort goes fishing and is keen to show the children what an experienced hunter he is. He spots a long neck turtle in the swamp and positions himself on a submerged log only to feel it move beneath him. He looks down and realises it’s a crocodile. Moort falls into the water but Snowy the dingo saves him.

Season 3

Episode 1 - Camels On The Run

Camels lost in a sand storm walk stumble through a cave entrance to find a hidden oasis. They are cared for by Jarra, Meeka, Boya and Jedda. The children decide they will ride the gentle camels back to camp while Snowy the dingo rides up with Jedda. Read about their funny adventures on the way.

Episode 2 - Pirates of the Billabong

Snowy the Dingo slumbers by the billabong after an interrupted night. Snowy has been having problems with noisy birds and the problems are not over. A very cheeky parrot leads Snowy into an unexpected adventure. Pirates in the billabong! What will Snowy do? Will he find the treasure?

Episode 3 - Wedge Tailed Eagle

It is Spring in the Australian bush and Jedda notices a wedge-tailed eagle searching for food for its young. The huge bird has a nest high up in the tallest gum tree. Read about the children’s adventures as other bush animals join the search for food for their babies. Meeka is always on the lookout for a new pet.

Episode 4 - Drifting Desert Sand

It’s a campfire night and Moort decides to tell the children a story about when he was young. Moort was sent into the desert by his father to catch the biggest kangaroo he could find. The desert is a wild, hot and challenging place. Moort watches the animals closely as he searches for food and water. Will he capture the biggest kangaroo?

Episode 5 - Marlee's Gift To Jedda

Marlee finds a gift given to her many years ago by Moort and decides it is time to pass the gift on to her niece, Jedda. The family arranges a special celebration in appreciation of Jedda and their wonderful life together in the Australian bush. Moort though, tries hard to dodge the work as everyone prepares the feast!

Episode 6 - Rats in the Mia Mia

Moort has a terrible night. He is convinced that there are rats and snakes in the mia-mia. Marlee and the boys are sure Moort has things muddled up as usual. They notice there are lots of rabbit holes nearby. Everybody gets involved in trying to sort out Moort’s rat problems.

Episode 7 - Possums on My Roof

A big storm causes damage to the Moort’s home and the home of some possums who live nearby. Moort is keen to solve the problems but is not very good at listening to Marlee’s suggestions. Jarra and Meeka come to help. Will they be able to make sure everyone can stay warm and dry?

Episode 8 - Red Back Spider

Marlee and Jedda have found some delicious wild yams. They ask the boys to bring the basket of yams across the river but Moort decides this is a job for him. Boya catches a turtle which Moort wants to add to the lunch menu. While lunch is being prepared, an uninvited little red-backed visitor comes along.


G - general

Written by Nicola Pagano, narrated by Aboriginal story-teller, actor and musician, Phil Walleystack.

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