Aboriginal documentary movies

Film titleYearDirectorDuration [mins]Rating
882014 Adrian Wills 56G
88.9 Radio Redfern1988 Geoff Burton
Sharon Bell
A Changing Race1964 Therese Denny 52
A Dying Shame1997 Paul Roy 53PG
A Little Life1988 Deborah Howlett 52PG
A Northern Town2008 Rachel Landers 75/52
A Silent Shout: The Nicky Winmar Story2014 Tim O’Brien 60G
A Sister's Love2007 Ivan Sen 52PG
A Time to Dream1974 Bruce McGuiness ??G
Ablaze2020 Tiriki Onus
Alec Morgan
Aboriginal Rules2007 Liam Campbell 55PG
After Mabo1997 John Hughes 84M
After The Apology2017 Larissa Behrendt 82M
Ailan Kastom2014 Brett Charles 90G
Alcheringa1962 Frank Lowell Few 12 x 15
Alick and Albert2020 Douglas Watkin 90
Always Was Always Will Be1989 Martha Ansara 33G
Among Us2010 Richard Frankland 30MA 15+
Angels Gather Here2017 Ian Hamilton 49
Another Country2015 Molly Reynolds 75G
Apekathe1997 Steven McGregor 26G
Araatika! Rise Up (The Fight Together)2021 Larissa Behrendt 82MA 15+
Art + Soul2010 Warwick Thornton 166G
Aunty Connie2006 Ivan Sen 25G
Australia Daze1988 Pat Fiske 75G
Australia's Lost Generation: Aboriginal Youth Suicide2012 Unknown 25G
Away From Country Season 12013 Unknown 5x 60PG
Backs To The Blast1981 Harry Bardwell 50PG
Bastardy2008 Amiel Courtin-Wilson 83MA 15+
Benny and the Dreamers1993 Ivo Burum 54G
Between The Lines: The Initiation Of Adam Hill2007 Monica Garriga
Esther Lozano
Beyond Sorry2003 David Vadiveloo 53
Beyond The Dreamtime1994 John Lind 54G
Big Boss: The Last Leader of the Crocodile Islands2012 Paul Sinclair 52G
Big Fella2010 Michael Longbottom 26PG
Big Name No Blanket2013 Steven McGregor 57M
Black Angels: A Widening Vision1994 John Tristram
Ian James Wilson
Black Chicks Talking2002 Brendan Fletcher
Leah Purcell
52MA 15+
Black Death (in Custody)1985 John Lander 50PG
Black Divaz2018 Adrian Wills 60
Black Empire: Curious Australia2022 Pearl Berry
Johanis Lyons-Reid
Black Fire (Blackfire)1972 Bruce McGuiness 20
Black Magic1988 Paul Roberts 55G
Black Man's Houses1992 Stephen Thomas 58G
Black Panther Woman2014 Rachel Perkins 52R18+
Black Santa1989 David Sandy
Bruno de Villenoisy
Lorraine Mafi-Williams
Martin Rooke
Blackbird2016 Amie Batalibasi 13PG
Blacktracker1996 Michael Riley 30
Blue Water Empire2019 Steven McGregor 3 * 50M
Bollywood Dreaming2007 Cornel Ozies 7G
Boxing For Palm Island2010 Adrian Wills 52PG
Buckskin2013 Dylan McDonald 57MA 15+
Buffalo Legends1997 Paul Roberts
Des Kootji Raymond
Bulunu Milkarri2015 Sylvia Nulpinditj 25
Buried Country2000 Andy Nehl 74
Case 4422005 Mitch (Michelle) Torres 50
Cass – No Saucepan Diver1983 Wayne Barker 12G
Ceremony – The Djungguwan of Northeast Arnhem Land2006 Trevor Graham 366M
Collisions2016 Lynette Wallworth 17G
Coniston2012 Francis Jupurrurla Kelly
David Batty
55MA 15+
Connection to Country2017 Tyson Mowarin 55G
Contact2009 Martin Butler
Bentley Dean
Coolbaroo Club1996 Roger Scholes 55G
Countryman2022 Peter Pecotić
Joseph Williams
Courting with Justice2007 Debbie Carmody 26
Croker Island Exodus2012 Steven McGregor 65G
Cry from the Heart1999 Jeni Kendell 52PG
Dancing With The Prime Minister2006 Lara Cole 30
Dark Emu2022 Erica Glynn 2 x 60G
Dark Science2008 Warwick Thornton
Johan Gabrielsson
Destiny in Alice2007 Sonja Dare 27PG
Dhakiyarr vs the King2004 Tom Murray
Allan Collins ACS
Dreaming Of Lords1988 Bob Ellis 93G
Dugong Dugong1980 Howard Hughes 24G
Eelemarni: The Story of Leo and Leva1988 Lorraine Mafi-Williams 14
Ella2016 Douglas Watkin 86G
Emily In Japan2009 Andrew Pike 82PG
Etched in Bone2018 Béatrice Bijon
Martin Thomas
Exile and the Kingdom1993 Frank Rijavec 110G
Eye2010 Donna McCrum
Andy Canny
Fantome Island2011 Sean Gilligan 82PG
Fire Talker2008 Ivan Sen 55
Firekeepers of Kakadu2018 Della Golding 16G
Firestarter – The Story of Bangarra2021 Wayne Blair
Nel Minchin
96MA 15+
First Australians2008 Darren Dale
Rachel Perkins
2 DVD, 382PG
First Contact2014 Darren Dale
Rachel Perkins
3 x 52M
First Contact (Season 2)2016 Darren Dale
Rachel Perkins
3 x 52M
First Footprints2013 Bentley Dean 4x 56PG
First Weapons2023 Dean Gibson 6 X 27
Fitzroy Stars: More Than a Game2008 John Harding 26
Fly Peewee Fly1995 Sally Riley 10G
Footprints on Our Land2016 Pat Fiske 38G
Freedom Ride – Blood Brothers1993 Rachel Perkins
Ned R Lander
Freedom Rides - 40 Years On2011 Oliver Lawrance 58 + 15G
Freeman2020 Stephen Page G
Gamarada2012 Mark Taylor 25PG
Gifts of the Maarga2020 Tangiora Hinaki 42PG
Gulpilil: One Red Blood2002 Darlene Johnson 56PG
Gurrumul2017 Paul Damien Williams 93PG
Harley & Katya2022 Selina Miles 85PG
Harold1994 Stephen Thomas 56PG
Heritage Fight2013 Eugénie Dumont 104PG
History Bites Back2021 Trisha Morton-Thomas
Craig Anderson
54MA 15+
Homeland Story2019 Glenda Hambly 87M
How Do We Get To Space: Love Punks and Satellite Sisters2014 Chynna Campbell 27G
How The West Was Lost1987 David Noakes 72G
In a League Of Their Own2009 Steven McGregor 78PG
In My Blood It Runs2019 Maya Newell 85PG
In My Father's Country2008 Tom Murray 80M
In My Own Words2017 Erica Glynn 63MA 15+
Incarceration Nation2021 Dean Gibson 90
Innocence Betrayed2014 Larissa Behrendt 52PG
Intervention – 2 Years On2010 Steven McGregor 22G
Island Fettlers2006 Kelrick Martin 25G
Island of Lies1991 Gillian Coote 55G
It's A Long Road Back1981 Oomera Coral Edwards 13G
JABIRU 0886: Trespass2002 David Vadiveloo 26
Jandamarra's War2011 Mitch (Michelle) Torres 55M
Jarlmadangah2007 Cornel Ozies 25G
Journey West (Buwarrala Aryah)2019 Gadrian Jarwijalmar Hoosan 52G
Kalkadoon Man2004 Brendan Fletcher 27G
Kanyini2006 Melanie Hogan 53PG
Karlu Karlu - Devil's Marbles2009 David Tranter 21G
Keeper2010 Ali Russell 26G
Keeping Hope2022 Tyson Mowarin 52MA 15+
Kindred2023 Adrian Wills
Gillian Moody
90MA 15+
King's Seal2014 Quenten Agius
Kim Mavromatis
Kuringal2022 Warren Foster
Stuart Cohen
La Perouse Panthers2006 Michael Longbottom 25G
Land Bilong Islanders1989 Trevor Graham 52G
Larapinta2022 Gary Hamaguchi G
Link-Up Diary1987 David MacDougall 87G
Lionel2008 Eddie Martin 85/52M
Little Towns, Big Voices2016 Fran Dobbie 28PG
Liyarn Ngarn2007 Martin Mhando 70M
Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky2020 Steven McGregor
Danielle MacLean
Lore of Love2005 Beck Cole 25
Lousy Little Sixpence1983 Alec Morgan 54G
Lurugu1973 Curtis Levy 56PG
Lurujarri Dreaming2013 Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman 28G
Mabo2012 Rachel Perkins 103G
Mabo - Life of an Island Man1997 Trevor Graham 87G
Make It Right!1988 Kim McKenzie 21G
Making a Mark2017 Richard Jasek 56PG
Making Samson & Delilah2009 Beck Cole 55
Malbangka Country1975 Curtis Levy 29G
Maralinga Pieces2012 Jessie Boylan 13PG
Maralinga Tjarutja2020 Larissa Behrendt 52M
Marluku Wirlinyi - Kangaroo Hunters1998 Craig Japangardi Williams
Timothy Japangardi Marshall
Marn Grook1996 Steven McGregor 45G
Marni2020 Tyson Mowarin 170G
Meeting Ms Right2009 Pauline Clague 26G
Men Don't Cry2015 Fran Dobbie 26PG
Message From Mungo2014 Ann McGrath
Andrew Pike
Milli Milli1994 Wayne Barker 53G
Milpirri: Winds Of Change2014 Wanta Jampijinpa 54PG
Minymaku Way: There’s Only One Women’s Council2000 Erica Glynn 52G
Mourning For Mangatopi1974 Curtis Levy 53PG
Mr Patterns2003 Catriona McKenzie 55PG
Mr. Strehlow's Films2001 Hart Cohen 52G
My Brother Vinnie2006 Steven McGregor 25G
My Family Matters2020 Dean Gibson 30G
My Home The Block2009 Trevor Almeida 52M
My Life As I Live It1993 Essie Coffey 56G
My Name is Gulpilil2021 Molly Reynolds 120G
My Spirit is Black1986 Unknown 27
My Survival As An Aboriginal1978 Essie Coffey 49G
My Uncle Bluey2009 Brit Arthur 16G
Namarali2021 Tim Mummery 52G
Namatjira2016 Scott Rankin 118PG
Namatjira Project2017 Sera Davies 87G
Nganampa Anwernekenhe1987 - current Various directors per episode approx. 30PG
Ngangkari2001 Erica Glynn 26G
Ngumpin Kartiya2020 Ben McFadyen 18PG
Nigger Lovers2007 Rhonda Hagan 27PG
Nin's Brother2010 Mary Munro 26PG
Ningla A-Na (Hungry For Our Land)1972 Alessandro Cavadini 72M
No Apologies Required2011 Ashley Morrison 52
No Fixed Address2002 Tracey Callegari
Julie Nimmo
No Fixed Address On Tour1990 John Tatoulis 52
No Offence2022 Gabriel Willie 6x 5M
Northern Lights2013 Alastair McGibbon 52PG
Not Just Numbers2019 Shirleen Campbell 53PG
Nothing Rhymes with Ngapartji2010 Suzy Bates 56G
Ochre and Ink2011 James Bradley 27G
Off Country2021 John Harvey 3 x 25G
One People Sing Freedom1988 Bernice Daly 50G
One River All Rivers2008 Tom E Lewis 5G
One Tree, One Man2008 Jedda Puruntatameri ?
Our Footprint (Series 1)2013 Various directors 18 x 15G
Our Footprint (Series 2)2014 Various directors 19 x 15G
Our Footprint (Series 3)2015 Various directors 15 x 15G
Our Generation2010 Damien Curtis
Sinem Saban
Our Law2020 Cornel Ozies 27G
Our Law (Series 1)2023 Perun Bonser 6 x 30PG
Outback United2012 Various directors 60G
Pemulwuy2021 Catriona McKenzie tbcG
Pemulwuy: A War of Two Laws (Part 1 & 2)2010 Grant Leigh Saunders 2 x 27G
Pioneers of Love2005 Julie Nimmo 104PG
Protected: The Truth About Palm Island1975 Alessandro Cavadini 56PG
Putuparri And The Rainmakers2015 Nicole Ma 97M
Queen of the Desert2012 Alex Kelly 27PG
Ranger To Ranger2018 Rhys Graham 60G
Remaking the Pathway2020 Emma Hudson 31G
Ringbalin - Breaking the Drought2013 Nara Wilson 26
River of No Return2008 Darlene Johnson 53M
Rosalie's Journey2003 Warwick Thornton 22G
Running to America2011 Steven McGregor
Matt Long
Sacred Ground2007 Kim Mavromatis 55 (2x26)G
Salute2008 Matt Norman 90PG
Satellite Dreaming1991 Ivo Burum 52G
Servant or Slave2016 Steven McGregor 58M
She Who Must Be Loved2018 Erica Glynn 90G
Shifting Shelter 32006 Ivan Sen 52M
Shifting Shelter 42011 Ivan Sen 60
Sing About This Country2021 Rima Tamou 110G
Sister, If You Only Knew1975 Janet Isaac 51
Sisters, Pearls and Mission Girls2003 David Batty 56G
Six Australians1984 John J. McGowan 6 x 30G
Songlines On Screen2015 Various directors 88PG
Sons of Namatjira1975 Curtis Levy 47G
Spear In The Stone1983 Kim McKenzie 34G
Spirit of Anchor2002 Barbara Glowczewski-Barker
Wayne Barker
Spirit Stones2007 Allan Collins ACS 52
Standing on Sacred Ground2013 Christopher McLeod 4 x 57PG
Star Stories of The Dreaming2015 Eleanor Gilbert 52G
Still Our Country - Reflections on a Culture2015 Molly Reynolds 88G
Still We Rise2022 John Harvey 56M
Stingray Sisters2016 Katrina Channells 3x 26G
Stolen Generations2000 Darlene Johnson 55G
Stone Country2006 Mark Anderson 26G
Storykeepers2019 Hayden Layton 75
Sunny And The Dark Horse1987 David MacDougall
Judith MacDougall
Sunset To Sunrise2006 Allan Collins ACS 24G
Takeover1979 David MacDougall
Judith MacDougall
Tayamangajirri (Night Patrol)2019 Charmaine Ingram 26
Terra Nullius1992 Anne Pratten 21G
The Australian Dream2019 Daniel Gordon 90
The Australian Wars2022 Rachel Perkins 3 X 51M
The Balanda and the Bark Canoes2006 Rolf de Heer
Molly Reynolds
Tania Nehme
The Beach2019 Warwick Thornton 6 x 26M
The Bowraville Murders2021 Allan Clarke 80
The Dark Emu Story2023 Allan Clarke 95
The Dream of Love2005 Lawrence Johnston 26PG
The Drover's Boy2015 Margaret McHugh 11G
The Extraordinary Tale Of William Buckley2010 Malcolm McDonald 55G
The Fight Together2021 Larissa Behrendt 75
The Final Quarter2019 Ian Darling 75G
The First Inventors2023 Larissa Behrendt 4 X 60G
The Forgotten2003 Glen Stasiuk 40
The Habits of New Norcia2000 Frank Rijavec 53PG
The House Opening1980 Judith MacDougall 42G
The Intervention: Katherine, NT2008 Julie Nimmo 52M
The Kimberley Man2019 Jeremy Thomson 27PG
The Lake of Scars2022 Bill Code G
The Last Daughter2022 Brenda Matthews
Nathaniel Schmidt
The Last Tasmanian1978 Tom Haydon 105G
The Old Man and the Inland Sea2005 Warwick Thornton 20PG
The Panther Within2016 Allan Collins ACS
Edoardo Crismani
The Redfern Story2014 Darlene Johnson 57PG
The Ripple Effect2021 Peter Dickson 47M
The Saltwater Story2017 Jeff Licence 55PG
The Secret Country: The First Australians Fight Back1986 Alan Lowery 55M
The Skin of Others2020 Tom Murray 91PG
The Song Keepers2017 Naina Sen 84
The Tall Man2011 Tony Krawitz 84M
The Tombstone Opening2012 Frances Calvert 29G
The Tracker2002 Rolf de Heer 98M
The Unlucky Australians1974 John Goldschmidt 56G
Think About It2007 Wendy Friar
Richard Friar
Three Boys Dreaming2010 Michae Cordell 80M
Three Horsemen1982 David MacDougall
Judith MacDougall
Three Sisters: Women Of High Degree2015 Various directors 48G
Through Our Eyes2010 Vera Hong 79G
Tjintu Pakani: Sunrise Awakening1976 Andree Reese Maddox 29
Tnorala – Baby Falling2007 Warwick Thornton 22G
Tombstone Unveiling2000 Murray Lui 23G
Too Pretty To Be Aboriginal2019 Sasha Sarago 15PG
Totem & Ore2019 John Mandelburg 98PG
Transblack (Season 1)2018 Charmaine Ingram 4 x 10PG
Triumph of the Nomads1984 David Morgan 3 x 48
Truth Be Told: Lest We Forget2018 Erica Glynn 58
Tudawali1987 Steve Jodrell 97M
Two Big Boys2007 Jon Bell 5PG
Two Laws1981 Alessandro Cavadini
Carolyn Strachan
Uluru And The Magician2021 Anna Broinowski 90G
Under Skin, In Blood2015 Larissa Behrendt 12
Undermined: Tales From The Kimberley2018 Nicholas D. Wrathall 90MA 15+
Unfinished Business1999 Pamelaq Donnellan 25
Utopia2013 John Pilger 110G
Vanish1998 Ivan Sen 26G
Voices From The Cape2008 David Vadiveloo 2 x 26
Vote Yes for Aborigines2007 Frances Peters-Little 52G
Waging Peace2015 David Bradbury 50
Waiting For Harry1980 Kim McKenzie 56G
Walkabout to Hollywood1980 Bill Leimbach 50M
Walkabout With Malcolm Douglas1967-1985 Malcolm Douglas variousG
Wanja: Warrior Dog2007 Angie Abdilla 26PG
War & Order2022 Larissa Behrendt 85PG
Warburdar Bununu: Water Shield2019 Jason De Santolo 26
Wash My Soul In The River’s Flow2021 Philippa Bateman 90G
We Don't Need A Map2017 Warwick Thornton 85MA 15+
We Fight (Guniwaya Ngigu)1982 Tracey Moffatt
Madeline McGrady
Welcome to Wee Waa1983 Madeline McGrady ??
Westwind: Djalu's Legacy2018 Ben Strunin 87M
When Colin met Joyce2007 Rima Tamou 53PG
When the Natives Get Restless2007 Adrian Wills
Albert Hartnett
White Noise2021 Karen Nobes 53PG
Who Killed Malcom Smith?1992 Caroline Sherwood
Nicholas Adler
Who Paintin' Dis Wandjina?2007 Taryne Laffar 8G
Who We Are: Brave New Clan2014 Leah Purcell 60G
Why me? - Stories from the Stolen Generations2006 Rick Cavaggion 56G
Wik vs Queensland2018 Dean Gibson 84
Will Australia Ever Have a Black Prime Minister?2019 Catriona McKenzie
Jacqueline Willinge
Wrap Me Up in Paperbark1999 Des Kootji Raymond 28
Yagan2012 Kelrick Martin 2 x 30M
Yajilarra2009 Melanie Hogan 24
Yellow Fella2005 Ivan Sen 25
Yolngu Guya Djamamirr2008 Frank Djirrimbilpilwy Garawirritja 5G
Yolngu Homeland2015 Natasha Fijn 58G
Zach's Ceremony2016 Aaron Petersen 92PG
Ŋambi2018 Mark Watjana Ashley 21

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