Eye is the story of award-winning Indigenous photographer Bindi Cole travelling from her Melbourne home to the far north of Australia.

She's been invited by drag performer Foxxy Empire, the alter ego of Tiwi Islander Jason De Santis, to document the transgender Sistergirls of his community.

Bindi plans to create 12 photographic portraits—positive, celebratory images—and soon realises she must also enlist the help of 'the mother of all Sistergirls' Crystal Love.

As Bindi struggles with the logistics of the shoot and being an outsider in a remote community, she listens to stories of the girls' lives, of family acceptance and rejection, of loneliness and the bond of sisterhood.

Eye is an intriguing story that delves into a collection of minority world's that most of us will never experience, asking a series of difficult overriding questions—how much is identity a matter of personal choice and how do each of our characters fit, or not fit, into the notion of an Aboriginal identity?

Still image of 'Eye' showing a black woman's portrait.
Still image of Eye.


Release dates
June 5, 2010 - Australia (World premiere on the 57th Annual Sydney Film Festival)
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