Aboriginal drama movies

Film titleYearDirectorDuration [mins]Rating
50 Shades of Black (Girl)2020 Unknown 6 x 30
A Waltz Through the Hills1988 Frank Arnold 119PG
Around the Block2013 Sarah Spillane 104M
Australian Rules2002 Paul Goldman 95MA 15+
Back Seat (Backseat)2007 Pauline Whyman 5PG
Backlash1986 Bill Bennett 89M
Backroads1977 Phillip Noyce 60MA 15+
Bedevil (beDevil)1993 Tracey Moffatt 90PG
Beneath Clouds2002 Ivan Sen 87M
Bitter Springs1950 Ralph Smart 89G
Black And White2002 Craig Lahiff 102MA 15+
Blackfellas (Day of the Dog)1993 James Ricketson 95MA 15+
Bloodlines2007 Jacob Nash 5G
Bourke Boy2009 Adrian Wills 10PG
Bungalung2007 Trisha Morton-Thomas 22PG
Call me Mum2006 Margot Nash 76PG
Charlie's Country2013 Rolf de Heer 108R18+
Cleverman Season 12016 Wayne Blair
Leah Purcell
6 x 45MA 15+
Cleverman Season 22017 Wayne Blair
Leah Purcell
6x 52MA 15+
Cold Turkey2002 Steven McGregor 45PG
Come Out Fighting1973 Nigel Buesst 50
Confessions of a Headhunter2000 Sally Riley 35
Crocodile Dreaming2007 Darlene Johnson 27M
Custard2007 Michelle Blanchard 5G
Daniel's 21st2009 Adrian Wills 15MA 15+
Days Like These2007 Martin Leroy Adams 5PG
Dead Heart1997 Nick Parsons 106MA 15+
Deadly1992 Esben Storm 99M
Djaambi2021 Joel Brown 8PG
Dust2000 Ivan Sen 23PG
Elders2019 Tony Briggs 10G
Emu Runner2018 Imogen Thomas 96PG
Green Bush2005 Warwick Thornton 26PG
Harry's War1999 Richard Frankland 28M
Here I Am2010 Beck Cole 91M
High Ground2020 Stephen Johnson 104MA 15+
Jacob2009 Dena Curtis 11M
Jedda1955 Charles Chauvel 101PG
Jindabyne2006 Ray Lawrence 123M
Jindalee Lady1992 Brian Syron 86
Journey1997 Ivan Sen 20G
Kwatye2007 Trisha Morton-Thomas 5PG
Lani's Story2009 Genevieve Grieves 51M
Long Black2022 Laura Clelland
Gabriel Willie
Mad Bastards2011 Brendan Fletcher 96MA 15+
Mad Morro2007 Kelrick Martin 52MA 15+
Manganinnie1980 John Honey 90G
Mirror Images2001 Daniel King 14
Mixed Bag2008 Imogen Thomas 15
Mr Electric1993 Stuart McDonald 28PG
Mungo2021 Leonie Kelly 7G
My Bed Your Bed1998 Erica Glynn 17MA 15+
Mystery Road (TV series, Season 1)2018 Rachel Perkins 6x 55M
Mystery Road (TV series, Season 2)2020 Wayne Blair
Warwick Thornton
6x 55M
Mystery Road: Origin (TV series, Season 3)2022 Dylan River 6x 52M
Nana2007 Warwick Thornton 5PG
Nia's Melancholy2009 Sio Tusa Fa'aaefili 11PG
Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy1990 Tracey Moffatt 17G
Old Country New Country2009 Alex Petersons
Mark Jones
Over d-fence2004 Destiny Deacon 9PG
Pay Back1996 Warwick Thornton 6M
Plains Empty2004 Beck Cole 26M
Promise Me2015 Rachel Perkins 90MA 15+
Rabbit Proof Fence/Long Walk Home2002 Phillip Noyce 100PG
Radiance1998 Rachel Perkins 83PG
Ralph2009 Deborah Mailman 10PG
Robbie Hood (Season 1)2019 Dylan River 6x 10G
Samson & Delilah2009 Warwick Thornton 101MA 15+
Satellite Boy2012 Catriona McKenzie 95PG
September2007 Peter Carstairs 85M
Sharpeye2007 Aaron Fa'aoso 5PG
Short Changed1986 George Ogilvie 99M
Storm Boy1976 Henri Safran 85G
Sweet As2022 Jub Clerc
Tales From The Daly: 'Nauiyu Nambiyu'2010 Steven McGregor 20G
Teach a Man to Fish2018 Grant Leigh Saunders 80PG
Tears1998 Ivan Sen 15G
Ten Canoes2006 Rolf de Heer 92M
The Cake Man1978 Douglas Sharp 58
The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith1978 Fred Schepisi 122/108R18+
The Circuit2007 Catriona McKenzie 312M
The Djarn Djarns2004 Wayne Blair 26M
The Farm2009 Romaine Moreton 11PG
The Fringe Dwellers1987 Bruce Beresford 98PG
The Naked Country1993 Tim Burstall 90M
The New Boy2023 Warwick Thornton
The Nightingale2018 Jennifer Kent 136R18+
The Party Shoes2009 Michelle Blanchard 11PG
The Sapphires2012 Wayne Blair 103PG
The Secret River2015 Daina Reid 2 x 85PG
The Warriors2017 Adrian Wills
Beck Cole
Catriona McKenzie
Steven McGregor
8 x 30M
Thou Shalt Not Steal2021 Dylan River
Toomelah2011 Ivan Sen 106MA 15+
Total Control (Series 1)2019 Rachel Perkins 6x 60MA 15+
Total Control (Series 2)2021 Wayne Blair
Rachel Perkins
6x 45MA 15+
Trooper O'Brien1928 John Gavin 77
True Colours2022 Erica Glynn
Steven McGregor
4x 51M
Uncivilised1936 Charles Chauvel 82M
Vacant Possession1994 Margot Nash 95M
Walkabout1971 Nicolas Roeg 95/100R18+
When the Dogs Talked2014 Elizabeth A. Povinelli 34
Where The Green Ants Dream (Wo die grünen Ameisen träumen)1984 Werner Herzog 100R18+
Wind1999 Ivan Sen 35MA 15+
Windjarrameru (The Stealing C*nt$)2015 Elizabeth A. Povinelli 35G
Wrong Kind of Black2017 Catriona McKenzie 4x 15M
Wrong Side of the Road1981 Ned R Lander 79MA 15+
Yolngu Boy2001 Stephen Johnson 88MA 15+
Yudum2011 Nicholas Cleary 66M

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