When the Dogs Talked


As a group of Aboriginal adults argue about whether to save their government housing or their sacred landscape, their children struggle to decide how the ancestral Dreaming makes sense in their contemporary lives. Listening to music on their ipods, walking though bush lands, and boating across seas, they follow their parents on a journey to re-enact the travel of the Dog Dreaming.

Along the way individuals run out of stamina and boats out of gas, and the children press their parents and each other about why these stories matter and how they make sense in the context of Western understandings of evolution, the soundscapes of hip hop, and the technologies of land development.

When the Dogs Talked mixes documentary and fiction to produce a thoughtful yet humorous drama about the everyday obstacles of structural and racialised poverty and the dissonance of cultural narratives and social forms.



Cameron Bianamu - Camboy
Gavin Bianamu - Gavin
Sheree Bianamu - Sheree
Taleesh Bianamu - Taleesh
Trevor Bianamu - Trevor
Kelvin Bigfoot - Kelvin
Marcia Bigfoot - Marcia
Rex Edmunds - Over
Ryan Gordon - Ryan
Claude Holtz - House Inspector #1
Darryl Lane - Daryl
Paul Lane - Paul
Robyn Lane - Robyn
Sharon Lane - Sharon
Tess Lea - Housing Boss
Release dates
18 December 2014 - Australia

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