Karrabing! Low Tide Turning


In the Northern Territory of Australia, an extended Aboriginal family attempts to track down a missing family member so as not to loose their government housing

As they move back and forth between the suburban ghetto where they live and a remote landscape where they are trying to establish an outstation, they run up against the everyday obstacles of structural and racialist poverty.

The Karrabing believe this simple story captures the lived experience of many contemporary Aboriginal Australians where traditional and modern ways of seeing and experiencing the world is simply part of their everyday life and culturally diverse, technologically engaged, and economically and environmentally sustainable and rich future is a common hope.

In the Emiyengal language, “karrabing” refers to the point at which the tide has reach it lowest point.


Angie Lewis
Cecilia Lewis
Rex Edmunds
Release dates
2012 - Australia (Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival)
Karrabing Indigenous Corporation

Website: www.karrabing.com

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