Aboriginal short movies

Film titleYearDirectorDuration [mins]Rating
6LACK1DZ2022 Meyne Wyatt G
Aboriginal Heart2013 Michelle Blanchard 12
Ace of Spades2012 Dennis Simmons 13
ASIO Makes a Movie2018 Alec Morgan 6PG
Barngngrnn Marrangu Story2009 Queenie Brennan 6G
Bit of Black Business2007 Various directors 75PG
Black Man Down1995 Bill McCrow 9PG
Blackfellas Who Can't Dance2022 Enoch Mailangi G
Blight2017 Perun Bonser 13MA 15+
Blowback2009 David Hansen 5M
Bluey2015 Darlene Johnson 13M
Brown Lips2017 Nakkiah Lui 12M
Bush Bikes2002 David Vadiveloo 6
Carriberrie2018 Dominic Allen 15G
Checkerboard Love2004 Anita Heiss 5G
Chicken2020 Alana Hicks 9M
Crossing Tracks1999 Various directors 88M
Dance Free2012 Nara Wilson 9PG
Dark Whispers2014 Ngaire Pigram 9M
Djaambi2021 Joel Brown 8PG
Djuwaḻpada2020 Nicola Bell
Daniel Wilfred
14MA 15+
Don't Call Me Beautiful2017 Jill Robinson 10
Elders2019 Tony Briggs 10G
Everything Looks Beautiful2010 Jenny Fraser 5
Feel My Absence2004 Kyas Sherriff 7G
Finding Jedda2022 Tanith Glynn-Maloney G
Finding Mawiranga2017 Dylan River 15MA 15+
Footprints2015 Cornel Ozies 13
From Sand to Celluloid1996 Various directors 74M
High Tide2014 Kimberley West 10
Karrabing! Low Tide Turning2012 Elizabeth A. Povinelli
Liza Johnson
Karroyul (Returning)2015 Kelrick Martin 15
Laka2018 Shakthi Shakthidharan 13MA 15+
Last Drinks at Frida's2017 Bjorn Stewart 12R18+
Maap Mordak2014 Dot West 7
Man Real2015 Tracey Rigney 11
Marrimarrigun2017 Kimberley West 13G
Miro2016 Victoria Wharfe McIntyre 23
Mudskipper2022 John Harvey G
Mungo2021 Leonie Kelly 7G
Naji2015 Kimberley West 9
Nalingu (Yours and Mine)2011 Billy McPherson 12
Nan and a Whole Lot of Trouble2015 Dena Curtis 12
Never Stop Riding2017 Peter Mungkuri
Alec Baker
Kunmanara (Jimmy) Pompey
Nice Coloured Girls1987 Tracey Moffatt 17M
Niminjarra Songline2018 Curtis Taylor 11G
No Offence2022 Gabriel Willie 6x 5M
No Way to Forget1996 Richard Frankland 12M
Nulla Nulla2015 Dylan River 5
Nundhirribala's Dream2009 Ella Geia 6G
On Stage2015 Benjamin Southwell 9
One Shoe Short2008 Jackie van Beek 8G
Redfern Beach2001 Catriona McKenzie 15
Shadows of Displacement2015 Perun Bonser 5
Shed2019 Chantelle Murray 15MA 15+
Shifting Sands1998 Various directors 80M
Shiny One2022 Viviana Petyarre G
Spin Out2018 Dylan Coleman 7G
Summer Blues2015 Lily Radloff 5
The Lost Crystal of Jessica's Room2022 Gary Hamaguchi G
The Protectors2017 Thibul Nettle 6MA 15+
The Third Note2000 Catriona McKenzie 12PG
The Turning: Big World2013 Warwick Thornton 10
Ties That Bind2019 Michael Hudson 12PG
Too Little Justice2004 Dean Francis 5:24PG
Undiscovered Country2018 Tyson Mowarin 20MA 15+
Unstuck2005 Rayma Johnson 8PG
Vote Yes2014 Nick Waterman 12PG
Ward One2017 Dylan River 12MA 15+
Warm Strangers1997 Ivan Sen 6PG
Welcome To Country2016 Dean Gibson 10M
Wirun2020 Chad O’Brien 9MA 15+
Wundung2016 Angela Bettina Canalese 8G
You Turn2015 Ryan Griffen 11
Yulubidyi (Until the End)2018 Nathan Mewett
Curtis Taylor

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