The Third Note


A blind woman and her neighbour discover a common bond after battling each other with sound. What starts as a war ends as an understanding.

Thanks to Anthony Linden Jones for pointing me to this film.


Deborah Mailman - Tina
Leonid Dobrinsky - Slava
Release dates
2000 - Australia
Best Short Drama, 2001 Torino Film Festival
PG - Parental guidance

Catriona Mackenzie also directed three episodes of The Circuit.

Her first ever script Cow (1995) is a half-hour drama about a black and white cow, Daisy, who went into therapy after being told about her role in the colonisation of Australia.

Catriona’s first feature film is Satellite Boy.

Other films by Catriona Mackenzie: Mr Patterns (2004) and Road (1999) for SBS-TV. She also directed the documentaries Rites of Passage and Bunje for ABC-TV.

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