Laka is a cross-cultural love story that starts with a first kiss in the suburbs of Sydney and ends with a bush birth in the Arnhem land wilderness.

For too many years, Lily, a Yolngu woman from the Northern Territory, has suppressed her yearning to go home. Now heavily pregnant, visions of her ancestral land have taken over her waking life. Lily believes it’s her unborn child calling out to her, entreating her to be born on country.

Lily’s husband Siddhartha, a Sri Lankan Australian, is unwilling to disrupt their stable life in Sydney, forcing Lily to choose between her land and her love. She chooses her land.

One night Lily leaves Siddhartha, and begins the long drive back home to Arnhem Land.


MA 15+ - Mature accompanied

English and Yolngu with English subtitles.

Laka is a multi-platform project with three components: a feature film (this entry), an audio-visual installation and a virtual reality experience.

The project is a collaboration between Australian artists Shakthi Shakthidharan and Rosealee Pearson, and their Sri Lankan and Yolngu families in Sydney and Arnhem Land respectively.

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