Bush Bikes


In town camps and remote area communities of central Australia, Aboriginal boys and girls begin their apprenticeships early - making bush-bikes.

Bush Bikes witnesses the genius of bush-bike assembly; from the greasing of parts and chains with animal fat boiled up by the old women, to the ingenious use of a tree-branch as a makeshift seat.

Collecting parts from the town tip, off the street, even from the bush. They use ingenious methods, to assemble their creations and realise their ultimate objective—a trip to the waterhole.

Main content kindly supplied by David Vadiveloo and Anna Kaplan.


Release dates
2002 - Australia
Adult Jury Prize for Excellence - 2003 Chicago International Children's Film Festival
Best Film - 2003 Music & Film Independent Artists Doc. Awards, Australia
Special Jury Commendation - 2002 Sydney, Flickerfest
Michael Den Elzen

There is no dialogue in Bush Bikes but most of the action is accompanied by music with an upbeat energising rhythm.

Other films by David Vadiveloo include Trespass and Us Mob, a landmark ABC children’s television and interactive series.

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