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Us Mob was Australia's first Indigenous children's television series and the world's first Indigenous children's interactive web and film series stretching over seven episodes.

Us Mob transports young people from around the globe to the little known world of Hidden Valley, in the central deserts of Australia.

The Us Mob multi-ending interactive tele-series and website creates a dynamic cultural bridge between viewers and Aboriginal teenagers Charlie, Della, Harry, Jacquita and their bush community friends. Whilst encountering the extraordinary challenges, exciting cultural experiences and dramatic external forces that shape the lives of Town Camps kids in Alice Springs, each member of the Us Mob site can also play games, engage in forums, read and watch secret diaries and even upload their own unique content and become part of the Us Mob community.

This series broke the mould because the community had control from beginning to end with over 70 local people employed on Australia's first Indigenous children's television series.

— David Vadiveloo, director

Us Mob episode guide

Kwatye (Water)

Aboriginal kids don't get lost in the desert without any water... do they? (7:09 min)

Money Day

Teased about her hearing aid at school, Della has to decide whose voice she will listen to. (5:50 min)

Ure (Fire)

When Harry burns a tree on someone else's land, is it just nature that he is messing with? (6:30 min)

Wrong Skin

In a battle for the same boy, sisters Jacquita and Della must decide whether to follow their hearts or their traditional law. (6:00 min)

Pmere Amekemeke (Sacred Sites)

10, 9, 8, 7... As their childhood days disappear and the non-Aboriginal world seems to be closing in, will Charlie and Harry's friendship survive? (5:42 min)


Alienated by her family and friends, Della turns to petrol sniffing and leaves her sister with a difficult decision. (7:05 min)

Iwerre Atherrame (Two Paths)

No longer a boy but still not a man. Can Harry keep pushing both black and white laws and avoid the consequences? (8:20 min)

Main content kindly supplied by David Vadiveloo and Anna Kaplan.


Release dates
9 March 2005 - Australia (world premiere)
Best Learning Site - AIMIA Awards, Australia Finalist Best Multimedia Program - ATOM Awards - Australia
G - general
Michael Den Elzen

Us Mob was screened on ABC Television.

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