Yulubidyi (Until the End)


A young Aboriginal man, Jarman, is tasked with protecting his younger disabled brother from life in a harsh remote community. His father, Thunder, wants Jarman to become the leader of the tribe and mocks any weakness in him. Brianol, the disabled brother, is seen as useless and yet Jarman senses that he has a great connection to the land and spirit.

After witnessing abuse and intimidation from their overbearing father, Jarman takes matters into his own hands and flees with Brianol to the desert.

Thunder pursues them, aiming to bring Jarman home and abandoning Brianol to die.

Helped by a dreaming creature (Mamu), the boys eventually escape and Jarman is given the physical strength to stand up to his father.


Trevor Jamieson - Thunder / Mamu
Trenton Samson - Brianol
Curtis Taylor - Jarmon
Release dates
10 August 2018 - Australia
M - Mature

In Martu Wangka with English subtitles. Filmed on Martu land.

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