Everything Looks Beautiful


Everything Looks Beautiful is set in the 1970s and shows the perspective of a child in the midst of a turbulent family life.

In the film, a father and mother agree that the father can take his daughter south to a beach-side camp for a long weekend. They end up on a road trip, a very long drive, around 3,000 kms further north.

Her dad buys her a bag of mixed lollies and a new denim outfit. Her grandma is there as well, with whom she spends some nurturing time.

Meanwhile her mum is distraught and seeks custody and police support. A nationwide search ends months later.

Still from Everything Is Beautiful Everything Is Beautiful with Marian Davis, Erica Talbot and Lee Kenny.


Lee Kenny - father
Erica Talbot - girl
Marian Davis - mother
Anna Sebens
Shannon Hampton
Sandra Broz
Charmaine Clark
Release dates
2010 - Australia (Premiere on 31 October 2010 in Brisbane)

Everything Looks Beautiful was shot in locations around Darwin and Belyuen, NT.

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