Dance Free


Dance Free is about a young Aboriginal girl struggling with an absent mother and an alcoholic father. She is isolated and depressed and has no one she feels she can turn to.

Lela begins to start skipping school in lack of interest and social isolation but the one class she never misses is dance class. It’s her one passion that makes her happy and allows her the feeling of escape from her troubles.

Lela does not realize just how much she loves dancing till things become to heated and upsetting for her at home that she breaks into the school dance studio to escape. Only then will she face consequences and and make choices that will change her life forever.


Marlee Wilson - Lela
Kira Wilson - dance teacher
Jermaine Hampton - dad
Daina Hayles - principle
Laura McGavisk - Stephanie
Aaron Kaczmarczyk - security guard
Release dates
2012 - Australia
Best Indigenous Film - 2013 Shorts Film Festival
PG - Parental guidance
Kevin McLeod

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