A beautiful and exhilarating film, Carriberrie uses 360 degree video to immerse the viewer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance, song and music.

Beginning in the heart of the country at Uluru, actor and performer David Gulpilil guides viewers across Australia in a snake-like journey from traditional ceremonial dance and song intrinsically contemporary and modern expressions.

Intimate, immersive and breath-taking, this live-action virtual reality documentary was shot on country to showcase a stunning range of Australian locations and performances, from iconic ceremonial traditional dance in Uluru, to rain forests and funeral songs in the desert, from the most Northern tip of Australia to Sydney’s iconic Opera House.

Dance is the first language of our people.—David Gulpilil


Behind the scenes


Bangarra Dance Theatre
Dubay Dancers
The Lonely Boys
Anangu people
Joey Ngamjmirra
Mayi Wunba
Naygayiw Gigi Dance Troupe
Hans Ahwang
Release dates
2 March 2018 - World premiere at the Australian Museum, Sydney


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