Shifting Sands


Shifting Sands showcases six short films from Australian Aboriginal filmmakers, exploring issues of identity, culture and family, and continuing in the tradition of the first series, From Sand to Celluloid.

Tears (Director: Ivan Sen, 15min) follows a teenage couple as they walk to a bus stop. As they discuss their reasons for leaving their mission home, they realise they must choose separate paths and face their futures alone. More

In My Colour, Your Kind (Director: Danielle MacLean, 12min) a young girl escapes incarceration in a Catholic mission. As she journeys through the night across the outback, she recollects her life and the harsh treatment she has endured.

In Passing Through (Director: Mark Olive, 12min) a young family on their way to visit relatives pass through an old gold mining town. It triggers memories for Margie whose mother came from the area and she is torn between staying on to uncover past family secrets or continuing her journey with her present family.

In Promise (Director: Michelle Torres, 10 min) an old woman tells her granddaughter the story of her betrothal at a young age as she helps her make damper.

My Bed, Your Bed (Director: Erica Glynn, 15 min) is set in an isolated desert community where the time has come for two young people promised to each other under traditional law to consummate their union. More

Grace (Director: Wesley Enoch, 16 min) focuses on a middle-aged woman who returns to the mission where she grew up, for the funeral of her sister. There she is confronted by the family she never met, a past she had long forgotten and the spirit of her country.


M - Mature
National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

The program of six short films was launched in Sydney on 26 March and in Brisbane on 30 March and will be launched in Perth on 21 April 1998.

Also known as: Shifting Sands - From Sand To Celluloid Continued

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