Outback United


In 2009, 180 Indigenous children descended on Townsville for the inaugural Indigenous Football Festival.

An initiative born out of Football Federation Australia’s Indigenous Football Development Program, the festival aims to increase Aboriginal Australians’ involvement in the sport and contribute to improved health, education and social outcome for Aboriginal children.

“We have a goal, within the next 10 years to have at least five percent of our national teams made up of Indigenous players and we are very confident that we can have Indigenous players walking on the world stage within that 10 year period,” said FFA CEO Ben Buckley.

Outback United follows the four-day showpiece and charts the history of Aboriginal footballers.

The documentary follows program ambassadors Warren Mundine and John Moriarty to remote Aboriginal communities scattered across Australia.

At each location the mentors spend time with the young aspiring footballers, conduct coaching clinics before the boys and girls are selected to participate at the first ever Indigenous Football Festival in Townsville in July 2009.

Interviewees on ‘Outback United’ include: John Moriarty and Warren Mundine (IFDP Ambassadors), Harry Williams (member of the 1974 FIFA World Cup squad), Qantas Socceroos Jade North,  Westfield Matilda Kyah Simon, Adelaide United Captain Travis Dodd, Olympian Cathy Freeman, AFL star Adam Goodes, Tennis Champion Evonne Goolagong Cawley and more.

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Release dates
2012 - Australia (SBS One/Two)
G - general

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