Dark Whispers


Debbie searches for the freedom to let go, by embracing what always gave her the strength to stay here. She is a mother struggling to cope with an approaching anniversary.

Dark Whispers is the story of an Aboriginal woman grieving the death of her two sons who finds solace in the sweet song of the Magpie, or “Burrugarrbuu”.

The film is imbued with symbolism of the magpie throughout; while you hear it mentioned in the traditional language, it is also a significant metaphor for the joy and grief experienced by the main character Debbie. You hear the warbling call of the magpie in the morning, juxtaposed with images of the smiles of Debbie’s children.

The dreamtime stories credit the magpie with creating the very first sunrise. The burrugarrbuu’s song is a poignant reminder for the mother of her love for her children, and also of her loss, but also that the world comes alive again every dawn when greeted by the laughing magpie. Dark Whispers is telling an important Aboriginal tale.


Naomi Pigram - Debbie
M - Mature

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