When Miro returns from WWII he finds his land taken, his daughter stolen, his people relocated (a fate many Aboriginal soldiers returning from service faced) and his service record treated with contempt.

But the New Guinea battlefield has taught him how to fight and he sets out to reunite his family waging his own form of justice. Miro is an Australian Aboriginal WWII Western.



Mark Coles Smith - Miro
Dean Kyrwood - Cal
Alexis Lane - Bara
Bill Thompson - Father Brian
Aaron L. McGrath - Tooey
Jeanette Lee Tuitavake - Akala
Peter McAllum - Reg
Robin Royce Queree - Trevor
Lowanna Coe-Williams - Bluey
Phil Ward Phil Ward - Bingo
Daniel Greef - Newk
Karen Garnsey - Jenny
Zoe Dargin - Cindy
Tiffany Yates - Grace
Release dates
2016 - Australia
Petra Salsjo

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/mirothemovie

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