Nulla Nulla


Sometimes it is better to stay out of things, especially if you do not know what is going on.

Nulla Nulla is a comedy telling the story of a young white cop, fresh out of training, who’s taken under the wing of an Aboriginal policeman. He has no idea what awaits him on his first posting to an Aboriginal community.

Two old women start screaming at each other and beating each other with sticks in a bizarre fight over a man. The Aboriginal policeman puts the young colleague to the test when he encourages him to respond to the domestic dispute on his own.

The young cop tries to get things under control. Desperate, he tries to stick to the guidelines he has been given on how to deal with Aboriginals. He only succeeds in making the women angry with him instead. Their combined energy is too much for him and the young man earns himself a painful lesson in the multiplicities of life.



Wayne Blair - Black Cop
Khan Chittende - White Cop
Audrey Martin - Big Nana
Pamela Sampson - Little Nana
Release dates
8 August 2015 - Australia

Filmed on location in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

Dylan River is the son of Warwick Thornton (of Samson and Delilah fame).

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