Vacant Possession


Following her mother’s death, a young woman returns to the old family home, a ramshackle, dilapidated cottage in a coastal town. The visit brings personal memories that still disturb her, and also brings her into contact with a neighbouring Aboriginal family with its own story of dislocation. Her father, too, returns: a former soldier still struggling with demons from his wartime trauma and unable to communicate with his family.

Vacant Possession is a haunting film about personal and public loss, about white ownership and Aboriginal dispossession, and about the difficulty of reconciliation, introspectively exploring the soul of individuals and the nation.



Pamela Rabe
John Stanton
Toni Scanlon
Linden Wilkinson
Rita Bruce
Olivia Patten
Release dates
1994 - Australia
1996 Special Jury Prize – Films Des Femmes, Créteil, France.
1995 Audience Vote – most popular Australian film, Sydney Film Festival.
M - Mature
Ronin Films
Alistair Jones

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