Call me Mum


Call me Mum is a movie about the Stolen Generations and their effects.

When Kate, a white woman, decides to reunite her Torres Strait Islander foster son with his birth mother, dangerous family and racial tensions surface.

Kate is on a plane taking her 18-year-old Torres Strait Islander foster son Warren to meet Flo, his birth mother, who is gravely ill in hospital in Brisbane. Flo hasn’t seen Warren since she took him to the hospital on Thursday Island when he was a toddler and the white authorities took him away.

But as Warren, Flo and Kate all prepare themselves for the reunion, unbeknown to them, Kate’s Brisbane-based parents, Dellmay and Keith are planning a different kind of reunion.

Set in the recent past, Call Me Mum is a series of interlinked monologues where five characters unravel a complex tale of mothering, race relations and family in Australia.

The film is a 'must see' for all Australians, especially people from the Torres Strait and their descendants, family and friends.—The Koori Mail, November 2006


Catherine McClements - Kate
Dayne Christian - Warren
Vicki Saylor - Flo
Lynettte Curran - Dellmay
Ross Thompson - Keith
Release dates
2006 World Premiere, Sydney Film Festival
Vicki Saylor: 2007 AFI award winner for Best Guest or Supporting Actress in Television Drama
PG - Parental guidance
Big and Little Films,
David Bridie

Call Me Mum is available for purchase on DVD directly from Big and Little Films.

Margot Nash lectures in screenwriting at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

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