Police officers Trevor Darling and Nikki Iceton have to escort a young Aboriginal woman to the NSW outback to stand trial. Kath is accused of murdering a publican who tried to rape her.

Trevor is a disgraced drug squad detective who was accused of shooting an Aboriginal youth; Nikki is a new recruit who thinks he is a racist.

They become stranded in the desert when he decides to take a shortcut. Kath saves them with her local knowledge, but they’re being followed by an Aboriginal man in a purple car.

Forced to rely on each other, the lines blur between police officers and prisoner. By the time they are rescued, both Nikki and Trevor believe Kath is innocent. They are determined to get the proof.


David Argue - Trevor Darling
Gia Carides - Nikki Iceton
Lydia Miller - Kath
Brian Syron - The Executioner
Anne Smith - Publican's wife
Don Smith - Publican
Jennifer Cluff - Waitress
George Skiadas - Cook
Mary Prentice - Motel receptionist
John Lawrence - Property owner
Greg Lawrence - Owner's son
Garry Jackson - Policeman #1
Gregory McMahon - Policeman #2
Barry Mackaness - Petrol pump attendant
Anthony Holmes - Detective
Release dates
14 August 1987 - Australia
26 March 1987 - United States
M - Mature
Michael Atkinson, Michael Spicer

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Harvard citation

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