The Farm


Olivia works on a farm picking beans. But she also has a special relationship to the past and its people.

Taking a dip she sees a white woman and a black man floating by. Their hands touch—a vision? A memory?

Names of old bean pickers she finds written on a wooden beam makes her ask:

“Mum, what happened to Aboriginal pepole who were here before us?”

“I tell you when you’re older,” her mum replies.

But it’s too late. Olivia can see the old people who once worked here and have since passed on. She can talk to them, but her mum not anymore.

Still image from 'The Farm'. Olivia has another vision in The Farm.


Lauren (mother)
Release dates
2009 - Australia
PG - Parental guidance

Romaine is a writer of poetry, prose and film. The Farm is her first short film which was shot over five days in December 2008.

The Farm is based on Romaine’s childhood experience bean-picking with her family on a property near Bodalla, NSW, in the 1970s. For the interior shots they used her aunty Beryl’s hut which is one of the last huts still standing.

The Farm illuminates the circumstances of itinerant Indigenous workers who travelled from South Australia to New South Wales and Queensland as bean pickers.

Romaine plans a feature film, Touch The Wire.

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