Rabbit Proof Fence/Long Walk Home


This movie's topic is rarely brought to the public with such intensity: The Stolen Generations. Introductory text guides you into the proper mood, however, if you don't know what a "half-caste" is you'll have to wait a while before it is explained. The film has beautiful pictures all the way through and if you have an eye for it you'll appreciate their colours and moods.

Some plots of the book are missing, for example the journey by boat or the bath of all children in the river. The script had to be streamlined, but Rabbit Proof Fence does not suffer from it. A rare occasion where watching the movie after reading the book complements the experience.

Molly, the main actress in the film, rarely smiles, but this is totally appropriate. This is not a fun movie, the topic is a hard one which is still affecting the lives of scores of thousands of Aboriginal people.

Accordingly, the music supports the movie's dramatics. Composed by Peter Gabriel it remains in the background but subconsciously conveys what it means to be pursued by an Aboriginal tracker, always on guard, fighting against hunger and thirst.

More details on the Stolen Generations issue are provided at the end of Rabbit Proof Fence. It leaves you with an intense feeling of pain or sadness. You feel that something appallingly wrong was perpetrated and you cannot comprehend that it was going on well into the 70s of this century.

Based on the book Follow The Rabbit-Proof Fence by Doris Pilkington.


Martu woman Daisy Kadibil, the youngest of three girls, died in May 2018 at the age of 95.

Rabbit-Proof Fence trailer


In 2018, Australia completed the world’s longest cat-proof fence. It surrounds the Newhaven wildlife sanctuary in the Great Sandy Desert, WA, is 44 kms long and made of 400km of wires and 130km of netting.


Everlyn Sampi - Molly
Tianna Sansbury - Daisy
Laura Monaghan - Gracie
David Gulpilil - Moodoo
Ningali Lawford - Molly's mother
Myarn Lawford - Molly's granny
Deborah Mailman - Mavis
Jason Clarke - Constable
Kenneth Brannagh - Mr. Neville
Gary McDonald
Release dates
February 21st 2002 - Australia
November 8th 2002 - Great Britain
November 29th, 2002 - USA
May 29th, 2003 - Germany
Video/DVD release date
Video: April 15th, 2003; DVD: December 10th, 2002
No.6 film of the year, best director (tie) (2002 National Board of Review) Best director, best adapted screenplay award (2002 Film Critics Circle of Australia) Best film, best sound, best score (2002 Australian Film Institute Awards)
PG - Parental guidance
Miramax Films (Australia); Odeon Pictures GmbH (Germany). Distribution rights have also been sold to Japan.
Peter Gabriel

The movie's stills were shot by Aboriginal photographer Mervyn Bishop.

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