In Bungalung, around a campfire, on a moonlit night, two Anmatjere Elders, Patsy and Jane Briscoe, sing and re-tell an epic Dreaming story told to them by their father and grandfather.

It is a story of two young men who are forced into action when a clan of demon Cannibals devour their entire tribe and kidnap the young men’s mother and sister. Alone and outnumbered, the young men defy all odds as they defeat the demons and reclaim their women.

Bungalung uses special effects, lighting, shading and sound to enhance the traditional forms of oral narration, songs and dance, in bringing the chilling story to life.


Frightening stories, such as this one, were traditionally told to control the behaviour and movement of Aboriginal children, ensuring that children never wandered too far from the safety of the camp during the day and remained close to the fires at night.

They were also used to enhance the intuition of Aboriginal children, allowing them the skills to discern between right and wrong and to trust in their own instincts in regard to personal safety.


Release dates
2007 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
January 2011
PG - Parental guidance
Ronin Films

Bungalung is spoken entirely in Anmatjere language (with English subtitles), and presents the views and stories of Elders in the community.

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