Daniel’s 21st


We see a car pulling into a service station. Two young men get out, but the camera rests on the car. Then a commotion, shots are fired. A young man storms out, falls, scrambles back to his feet and runs away.

It’s Daniel’s 21st birthday and something has gone horribly wrong. As Daniel struggles into darkness, he returns home to his mother who has been waiting for him, balloons at the gate, cake on the table. His father is far away and might not care.

But his mother does. She is frightened that he is in some sort of trouble that she can’t bail him out of.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Police. But what they say does not make sense. When the mother returns to the table Daniel is gone.

Daniel's 21st - still image Daniel's mother waiting in vain for her son to return home from a night out.


Deborah Mailman - mother
Rhimi Johnson Page - Daniel (son)
Release dates
2010 - Australia (World Premiere during the 11th Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival, Sydney
MA 15+ - Mature accompanied
Samantha Fonti

Daniel’s 21st was shot in Riverstone, New South Wales.

Rhimi is the son of Aboriginal dancer Russell Page.

Daniel’s 21st is part of the “Three Dreams”: Angel, Dare To Dream and Daniel’s 21st. It is the “bigger story of Dare To Dream” as Adrian explains it.

Producer Gillian Moody and Adrian Wills were flatting together while making this film. It was shot over four nights on a very low budget.

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