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At the "arse-end of the world" (words of the trailer!), in the middle of nowhere, is Alice Springs - home to (fictional) 8MMM Aboriginal Radio (pronounced "eight-triple-m"), the proud voice of the Aboriginal people living here.

It runs on the smell of an oily rag and the enthusiasm of its motley Aboriginal crew. With meagre funding, the 8MMM team airs the day-to-day preoccupations of Alice Springs and its surrounds: housing, education, culture, money, alcohol and reconciliation. It’s a station in constant plight, a station that’s more a vibrant member of the community than a building.

But like most Aboriginal organisations, it’s run by whitefellas and when non-Aboriginal people come to work in Aboriginal organisations, they easily fall into one of three categories – missionaries, mercenaries or misfits – the 3Ms. For the 3Ms working at 8MMM, saving Aboriginal from themselves is hard work! For the Aboriginal people, being saved all the time is even harder.

At the helm of the station is local firebrand, Jessie. Determined and hard working, her goal is to one day be General Manager, until then she’s relying on 8MMM’s current GM and missionary Jake for guidance, as she guides the other staff – which is no easy task.

Resident DJ-in-training, Jampajinpa is so proud of being black, he’s permanently dressed like an Aboriginal flag in red, black and yellow. Volunteer and misfit Koala thrusts herself into every Aboriginal activity, whether she’s welcome or not and she’s frequently not!

Receptionist Milly is far more interested in manicures and make-up than doing any actual work. Then there’s the newly arrived Training Manager and mercenary Dave Cross, a redneck racist from the city who isn't going anywhere until his CV is puffed up with enough ‘community outreach’ to look good to Sydney recruiters.

But luckily 8MMM has Lola, traditional owner and unpaid tea-lady who watches over the running of the station and the running of everyone’s lives.

“Closing the Gap” has never been funnier.

8MMM Aboriginal Radio is Australia's first comedy television series written, directed and performed by Aboriginal people.

8MMM trailer

The background song to this trailer is "From The Bush" from the Warumpi Band's album "Go Bush".

Episode guide

Episode 1

At the arse-end of the world, in the middle of nowhere is 8MMM Aboriginal Radio, a magnet for three kinds of Whitefellas - Missionaries, Mercenaries and Misfits.

Episode 2

Jake is thrilled to get an invite to a traditional ceremony, while Jampajinpa chooses the wrong way to prove his manhood.

Episode 3

8MMM is rolling in cash when the Tourism Expo comes to town, but the good times end when Jampajinpa forces Jake to decide between the money and the mob.

Episode 4

Times are tough. 8MMM's bank account is as empty as Lola's watertank and there's only one way for them to keep their heads above water. Crowdfunding!

Episode 5

After some work drinks, Jampajinpa is missing, Dave's car has no tyres, the police pay a visit and Jake and Lola run an anti-grog campaign which threatens the festivities of the Founder's Day celebrations.

Episode 6

After a racist incident in town, Jake is on a one-man crusade for reconciliation and Jessie wants revenge. She's also having sexy dreams about him, which makes things more awkward than ever.


Shari Sebbens - Jessie
Ian Meadows - Jake
Zac James - Jampajinpa
Laura Hughes - Koala
Elaine Crombie - Milly
Geoff Morrell - Dave Cross
Trisha Morton-Thomas - Lola
Release dates
29 April 2015 - Australia (ABC TV, 9.30pm)
Video/DVD release date
10 June 2015

8MMM is a television series broadcast on ABC TV.

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