When the Natives Get Restless


On the Gordon Estate in Dubbo, the entire community has been given an eviction notice. Within three years, all of their homes will be demolished. This confronting documentary explores the experience of being black in a predominantly white town.

After a riot on New Year's Eve, 2006, the media dubbed the Gordon Estate the "Redfern of the Bush" and the housing department announced the plans for demolition.

The Gordon residents speak frankly about what they believe is a redneck racist town, where inequality and hopelessness are compounded by drugs, alcohol and dependence on welfare payments. The white community seems to have minimal comprehension of the problems they face. Is demolition and removal the only solution? As one resident says: "When will these whitefellas get it, we not like them, we will never be like them, we live differently ..."

Official Selection 2009 Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, Canada



The Dixon Family
The Ebsworth Family
The Gibson Family
The Gillon Family
The Shillingsworth Family
Release dates
5 August 2007 - Australia
M - Mature
Christopher O'Young

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