Short Changed


An Aboriginal man, Stuart Wilkins is arrested for taking part in a land rights demonstration, after the death of his father. His white wife Alison leaves him and takes their son Tommy.

Seven years later, Stuart returns to Sydney, determined to re-establish contact with his son. When his ex-wife and her father will not allow it, Stuart goes to court to get access.

Tommy deals with the broken marriage of his white mother and Aboriginal father and their respective worlds.


David Kennedy - Stuart Wilkins
Jamie Agius - Tommy Wilkins
Susan Leith - Alison Wilkins
Ray Meagher - Stuart's ex wife's father (Marshall)
Mark Little - Curly
Wanjum Carpenter - Tommy, aged 2
Steve Dodd - Old drunk
Athol Compton - Bruiser
Mac Silva - First Friend
Sylvia Scott - Nan
Timothy Hornibrook - Preacher
Ronald Merritt - Uncle
Ken Radley - Sergeant
Jim Holt - Serizio
Donnie Prior - Policeman
Release dates
13 November 1986 - Australia & USA
M - Mature
Chris Neal

Short Changed is based on a script by Aboriginal playwright Robert J. Merritt.

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